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Our plan is to travel for 10 months from March 2024 until January 2025. During that time, we'll be taking in parts of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa and finally, back to Australia, home after more than ten years living in Hong Kong.

The difficulty in planning a trip like this is not where to go, it's how long to spend in each location. We know where we want to start, India and we know where we'll be ending; Sydney, January 2025.

Since we started planning, the itinerary has changed and will no doubt, keep changing; if there's one lesson everyone must learn on a travel adventure, it's to be flexible.

  • Visit Istanbul's Blue Mosque
  • Marvel at the Hagia Sophia
  • Browse the Grand Bazaar
  • Wander the ancient ruins of Troy
  • Explore battlefields of the Gallipoli Peninsula
  • Learn about the ill-fated ANZAC campaign
  • Visit the Temple of Hadrian
  • House of the Virgin Mary
  • Basilica of St. John

Tour Plan

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Istanbul is one of those cities I feel I could get lost in for weeks. Her rich history, vibrant culture and stunning architecture all give this magnificent city a unique and timeless charm. Historically referred to as Byzantium and Constantinople, it served as a focal point of several ancient empires. Of course, there's a very modern side to Istanbul as well, which we'll explore. Top of the list of things to do will be sampling the local cuisine with at least one food tour planned.

There's also the obligatory visits to Istanbul's most famous sites; Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. We'll also be trying to uncover some hidden gems such as the walking trails of Kemerburgaz Forest, the neighbourhood of Kuzguncuk Sokakları, one of the most colourful places in Istanbul as well as the Feriköy Antiques Markets.


Gallipoli is considered somewhat of a right of passage for Australians as we remember the enormous sacrifice made by our Diggers in WWI at this haunting and sacred place. For the twins, this will be an extraordinary opportunity to see how the fighting unfolded right where it happened and get a sense of scale and the terrain. We'll Journey back in time and visit the site of the ANZAC landings, go to the battlefields of the Allied Forces, as well as see the war memorials that commemorate the fallen soldiers.


Until I was researching tours of Gallipoli, I didn't realise how close other historical sites were including the ancient city of Troy. A day trip here will include learning about the legends of Helen of Troy, Achilles, Paris and the Trojan Horse while wandering among 3700 year old city walls, and the ruins of the Bouleterium and the Odeon.

Nine cities have been discovered here, built one on top of the other dating back to before 3500 BC, with the city made famous by Homer in his book the Iliad (the ten year war being just one of the layered settlements).


Ephesus (Efes) is one of the greatest ancient sites in the Mediterranean and arguably Europe’s best-preserved Greco-Roman city. During its heyday in the first century BC, it was the second-largest city in the world, with only Rome commanding more power. Many reconstructed structures and ruins, including the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. We'll also visit the house of the Virgin Mary, where she is said to have lived before she died as well as The Great Theatre, where St Paul preached to Ephesians.

Fun & Misadventures

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Fun & Misadventures

The Spirit of India

Everyone imagines what India is like, endless crowds, gridlock traffic and exotic food. All of these things are true but for us, the one thing that has stood out above…

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