"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all." Helen Keller

What To Bring

Carry-on or check-in? That's the first question you have to ask before taking a any trip including long-haul. The packing experts will tell you that 12-15 pieces of clothing is all you need for a long-term vacation. In theory, that should all fit into a cabin size bag BUT when you factor in everything else you need to bring, check-in luggage has to be considered. Find out what we ended up buying.


It’s estimated, we make 35 thousand choices each day and on this trip, we don’t want what we wear to be one of them. That’s why we’ve created a capsule wardrobe;  keywords think minimalist, moisture-wicking, fast-drying, stain-resistant, non-iron and colour-coordinated.  A lot of research has gone into this; we need clothing for hiking and trekking as well as general sightseeing and going to dinner. We’re following the sun so summer gear is essential but then again, the nights could be chilly. The main aim is create a wardrobe that’s practical, fashionable and easy to replace. Plus, we want to be able to personalise our wardrobe with our very own family FGY logo. 

For the Girls

Our Capsule Collection

For the Boys

Our Capsule Collection


In coming up with our logo, we wanted to go for something that was clean, simple and best represented our journey. In the end, we decided on a compass design, the ultimate traveller tool, and a symbol representing balance and harmony, guidance and direction. The four points reminds each of us that we’re all on our own journey but at the same time, interconnected. 

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